Why People Ride Extreme Loud Motorcycles


In this article, you will learn about why people ride extreme loud motorcycles. So now let’s talk about super loud motorcycles around our town. The riders speed while riding on the road is extremely very high due to which the chances of accidents are increasing day by day.


Reasons why people ride extreme loud Motorcycles


1. People Losing lives due to Overspeeding



Many people are losing their lives due to over speeding which is very much dangerous and even the family members are not able to bare the loose and hence this is a very serious issue that is to be discussed immediately.


2. Take Care about the Society



The riders must understand that while they are riding a motorcycle they must take care about society too. over speeding might harm themselves as well as it might give rise to accidents.Regarding this helmet manufacturers in delhi are do their job so well.


3. Loud Motorcycle Destroy the Mind


The basic reason for loud motorcycles is just to become cool in front of society. Especially the teenagers who know how to ride motorcycles have these loud motorcycles that can destroy an individual peace of mind.


4. People Get usually Distracted



Due to the noise, some people get distracted while driving and riding and that causes an increase in the chances of accidents. Riders nowadays have this mentality that “loud pipes save lives” which is of course not correct.The arguments against this loud pipes save lives is one of the most common issues discussed on a weekly basis.



5. Effect our Ears and Mind



The exhaust of the motorcycle are backward and by the nature of you traveling is forward you are actually leaving the sound behind you as you move forward. This is somehow the cause of noise pollution too that affect our ears and mind both and destroy our mind.



There are most commonly two bikes that are there:


*Harley Davidson



The noise of these two bikes is really very disturbing which affects our ears and mind immensely.Riders want to modify their bikes by using such loud engines to just show off. But riders must keep in the mind that the noise of their bikes destroy the peace of mind of people so they must not modify the noise of the bikes and should always try to follow the traffic rules made by the government.