Helmet Manufacturers in Delhi

A motorbike helmet is a kind of helmet used by motorbike riders. The main goal of a motorbike helmet is motorcycle safety – to guard the biker’s head during an impact, therefore reducing or preventing head injury and saving the biker’s life. Some helmets give additional benefits, such as face shields, ventilation, intercom ear, protection etc,.
Motorcyclists are at big risk in the traffic crash. A 2008 precise review analyzed studies on motorbike riders who had a crash before and looked at helmet use as an intervention. The examination concluded that helmets help to reduce the risk of head injury by 69% and death by 42%. Although it was once considered that wearing a motorbike helmet raised neck and spinal injuries during a crash, new evidence has shown the inverse to be the case, that helmets protect from a cervical spine injury.

Choosing or selecting the Right Helmet Size

When picking up the right helmet size to buy, it is essential to consider a lot of various factors. The use of a chin strap, visibility, and ventilation are some of the essential things to consider. We all want to wear the helmet that has the right shape, color, and size, but what is more valuable is that the head of the rider fits the shape of helmet properly, reducing the no. of head injuries and save the riders life in an accident. Some people prefer to have their nose, eyes, and ears fully covered, possibly with a full face helmet; while others prefer to go for half face helmets or an open face helmet.
Whatever your helmet size be whether you are a small, medium, or large size, Virgo helmets have motorbike helmets in a variety of various colors from matte black to orange bright motorcycle helmets, we have a lot of variety.

Best Helmet Brands in India

Our firm offers top class motorcycle helmet brands like Arai Helmets, Shoei Helmets, Fox Racing Helmets, Bell Helmets, and several others. From on-road helmets to off-roading bike helmets of various styles, Virgo helmets is your starting for top of the line motorbike helmets for men as well as for women in various colors from helmets with different colors and wild graphic designs to a pure black motorbike helmet we have it all.

Motorcycle Helmet Safety

There are plenty of choices to think when buying a motorbike helmet on Virgo helmets like polycarbonate or carbon fiber. One thing you do not want to be reckless about is the motorcycle’s helmet safety. There are a lot of helmet ratings such as DOT approved, ECE certified and Snell certified motorcycle helmets. Before buying a helmet you should make sure it matches the safety laws and standards in your state. Wearing a motorbike helmet can help to protect your brain in an accident. Apart from protecting your head in an accident, a motorbike helmet can also divert dirt and stones, protect you from road debris or waste, guard your eyes, and provide ear protection. We present the safest bike helmets. While preferring a motorbike helmet you must ensure that the helmet does nott hinder or lessen your field of viewand it should be safe. It is suggested to change your motorbike helmet after a crash because the impact of the collision absorbing liner and the structural integrity of the helmet is compromised and makes the helmet risky.