Why Motorbike Riders in India Don’t wear Safety Helmets

In this article, you will learn about why motorcycle riders in India don’t wear safety helmets. The topic of why motorbike/motorcycle riders in India don’t wear safety helmets will be discussed in the following article:

Study shows 57% of two-wheeler Riders don’t wear helmets; 74% of seat riders also neglect the Protection Measure.



India is among the top countries with an alarmingly high number of deaths due to road accidents. A significant number among them involve two-wheelers. A study shows 57% of two-wheeler users across the country neglect the need of wearing helmets. The number of pillion riders neglecting the safety measure is even higher at 74%.Regarding this helmet dealers in mumbai are do their job so well.


1. Change the Negligence of the Riders



While the central and state governments have imposed higher fine amount for not wearing helmet apart from running an awareness campaign, it seems to have done little to change the negligence of the riders. Not wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle or a scooter is clearly one of the major reasons behind many mishaps across the country. The reasons given by the two-wheeler owners for not wearing a helmet are pretty lame.


2. Simply due to the Force of Habit



Among the two-wheeler owners, 16% don’t wear helmets because they believe they are not required to by the law, while 22% don’t wear it simply due to the force of habit. The study also reveals that 13% don’t wear a helmet due to the cost of it, while 29% believe not wearing helmet bring more comfort while riding.


3. Highlight the Road Safety Across the Country



Speaking about the pillion riders, the reasons are also similarly absurd. 23% of the pillion riders believe they face less risk than the rider. The study was conducted by Exide Life Insurance as part of its CSR initiative Helmet Saves to highlight road safety across the country.


4. One of the most Unsafe Modes of Transport


Several factors including not wearing a helmet make riding a two-wheeler as one of the most unsafe modes of transport in the country. In case of an accident, wearing a helmet increases the chance of survival for the rider. Not only that, it can help the rider to avoid major injuries as well. The recent study clearly shows that Indian two-wheeler riders consider wearing a helmet is an act of compliance rather than personal safety. Not only the adult riders don’t wear helmets, in many cases they allow the children to ride with them on pillion without a helmet.