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Here at “Virgo Helmets” helmet dealers in Mumbai, the motorcycle helmet call is the one that we answer countless times in a day. These are one of the best helmet brands in India with price lesser than other brands. It is the call that we work vigorously to assure that we answer adequately as we help fellow motorcyclists to shop from a huge range of the top motorcycle helmets according to their needs. While there are several aspects to riding, motorcycle helmets are a piece of a puzzle that is supreme to all others. Simply put on a helmet, after you choose to join the ranks of the global moto-calvary, purchasing the appropriate motorcycle helmet for you will be the most valuable purchase that you will make.

Motorcycle Helmets Buying Tips

We serve you with the best motorcycle helmets in the market all day. We work regular to improve our expertise in every aspect concerning the motorcycle helmets, whether it be the unique flash of a completely bonkers Symbol or the best bang-for-your-buck.
Though, you spend most of your day exploring something other. While various motorcyclists know the greatness of wearing motorbike helmets, the intricacies and nuances that separate helmet styles, features, and models, are sufficient to make a bit of useless complexity into the purchasing of the helmet as you shop for the best option for you. So, we welcome you to call us and speak to our Motorcycle helmet specialists and ask all your questions. We provide you with a brief overview of some common inquiries, and misconceptions about the motorcycle helmets.

Types of Motorcycle Helmets:

Full Face Helmets
When you imagine a motorbike helmet, this is presumably what you will have in your mind. Full face helmets cover the front, back, and top of your head. Besides the eye port obviously, which is necessary for being able to see. As opposed to a half and 3/4 helmets, full faces have a jawbone bar. Moreover, 45% of helmet impacts happen in this area.

Modular Helmets
Modular helmets are recommended with sport and adventure touring bikers. The flexibility is great for anyone who wants to smoke a cigarette, consult a map, talk to a friend or grab a bite to eat. With the modular helmet, you can just flip up the chin bar and perform all those tasks without taking the lid off.
Open Face Helmets
When compared to a full face helmet, open face helmet in India is equal in structurally quality in terms of safety. The cases usually use the same padding and composites for impact protection. Yet, as it is easily obvious of the name itself, helmets with open face provide you with less coverage. Prominently, there is no chin bar and in many cases, there is no face protection either. So, an open face helmet covers the back, sides, and top of your head, but does not your face.
Half Helmets
Half helmets are having the most minimum of lids. They will cover your head, usually from the top of your temples to nearly halfway down to the back of the head. They are very common with vintage riders and cruiser, with the selective following in the category of Harley Davidson. They have been seen with some popularity among naked bikes or with a category of street fighter as well.
Off-road Helmets
Off-road helmets are recognized from conventional full faces by their pronounced angular chin bars and sun peaks. Dirt riding requires a high physicality from the biker, and it is usually done in the milder weather. Motocross helmets are intended to maximize ventilation and minimize weight.
Dual-Sport Helmets
Dual-Sport helmets fall around within full-face and off-road styles. Just similar to motocross helmets, they are also having a sun peak and excellent ventilation. Yet, they also provide a little more soundproofing and warmth for on the road riding. And most certainly, they are having an inbuilt truncated chin bar and a visor. This helmet offer great durability strength.