Difference between Motorcycle and Scooters



In this article, you will learn about the difference between motorcycle and scooters. When it comes to scooters vs motorcycles, motorcycles are difficult to ride but have larger engines and have high speed. While if we talk of scooters than it is cheaper than motorcycles, fuel efficient and more comfortable.

These features of scooters provide a good choice for the people to buy scooters. Before going in detail of motorcycle and scooters we must know that you have the proper knowledge and safety instructions while riding vehicle on roads.

The basic difference between scooters and motorcycles are discussed below:

1. Ease of Learning


Motorcycles are more complicated to learn and master while scooters are easier to learn.

2. Engine Size


Motorcycle engine size range from 150cc to 2000cc whereas if we talk about scooter engine size range from 50cc to 250cc.


3. High Speed


If we compare the speed of motorcycle and scooter than motorcycle speed can exceed 110mpg whereas the speed of scooter can hit about 40mpg.

4. Price Range

A Motorcycle can cost as low as $2,6500 while scooter range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand.


5. Storage Capacity



The storage capacity in a motorcycle are less as compared to scooter have large storage capacity under the seat storage compartment.Regarding this helmet manufacturers in delhi are do their job so well.

6. Fuel Efficiency

Motorcycle fuel efficiency Is around 40mpg whereas scooters are more fuel efficient that ranges upto123mpg.

7. Driving on Highway


Motorcycles are permitted on every highway but sizes are mentioned whereas scooters are not permitted in every state.

8. Rider Safety

Motorcycles and scooters both require proper knowledge and safety instruction, proper gears are also required to get rid of accidents and the riders must follow the traffic rules too for their safety. Hence we can say that scooters are much better than motorcycles in terms of storage, comfortability level, and fuel efficiency and hence most of the people prefer scooters instead of motorcycles.

But we must remember that we must have proper knowledge and safety instructions while riding on the road and must wear helmets proper gears while riding that will help you to get rid of accidents and you must remember that you should not extend the speed limit while riding. Hope these points will help you to make a good choice while between the scooter and motorcycle.