Why Virgo Helmets Is Best Company For Providing Women Helmets

In the following, we will be discussing an important topic that is “Why Virgo helmets are the best company for providing women helmets” and will discuss it in detail within the article. Virgo helmet is the best company for providing women helmets as its cost and quality are the best. A certain range of our helmets is always retained as we batch test each model in our test laboratory. Each helmet is looked at in minute detail to make sure that quality and safety are paramount. We additionally verify that every model meets or exceeds the test standard needed by its country of destination. This may be BIS (IS 4151: 2015). Numerous tests are undertaken on the EPS and also the external shell for shock absorption. We also check the fit as many testing homes now take this into account.

Once a shell has been removed from its mold it is checked to make sure it meets our exacting standards by our technical experts. Several layers of paint and also the graphics are applied, the helmet is lacquered with anti UV and the process offers a unique touch to every helmet. In short Virgo, a helmet is the best company for providing women helmets both in terms of cost and quality because it provides helmets that are of top quality and has ISI mark and other important approval certifications, plus Virgo helmets are quite affordable.

There are some helmets which we designed for women which more or less appear to be a fashion thing (different colors), and there are really rare models, which we have engineered after female desires. Women prefer to wear half-face or open face helmets through a full-face one over the half-face suggests as it provides more safety. Some people say that the full-face helmet is not feminine enough but we beg to differ with them. Full-face helmets for women are different in design – we just add a bit of ‘feminine’ colors/design, etc. We provide various options for women helmets these days, which is why Virgo helmets are the best company for providing women helmets.

Other features which make Virgo helmets the best company that provides women helmet are:For this motorbike helmet manufacturers are doing a great work.

  • Comfortable, light, and well-ventilated
  • High-quality temperature and ventilation controls
  • Contour cheek pads
  • Padded wind collar
  • Available in range of sizes and colors
  • Strong crash rating, etc.