Why Do You Need a Helmet


In this article, you will learn about why do you need a helmet. Riding a motorcycle gives riders a sense of freedom on the open road. However, there are serious dangers involved in riding without a helmet. A motorcycle does not provide the structural protection that a car does to keep drivers safe in the event of an accident. Here below several points why you need a helmet:


1. Protect Your Head and Brain



Injuries to the head are one of the principal causes of death and traumatic brain injury for cyclists in traffic accidents. As per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, bicycle helmets are 85 to 88 per cent efficient in mitigating head and brain injuries. This truth makes helmets the single most effective way to decrease your risk of a traumatic brain injury or death.

2. Improve Your Ability to See




When the weather is less than ideal and rainfall is part of your bike ride, a helmet can improve your ability to see other drivers on the road, as well as potential hazards, by keeping water or snow away from your eyes (when the helmet has a visor). On the same note, a helmet with a visor can also serve to shade your face, enhancing your vision by mitigating the effects of sunlight in your eyes.


3. You’ll Be Following the Law



There is no over-arching state law in Washington that regulates cyclists to wear a helmet. However, there are few local ordinances—such as one in Bellevue—that need all or certain riders to wear a helmet.


4. Set an Example for Your Children

If you are a parent, using a helmet is not only necessary for your health and safety, but more for that of your kids. By implementing the use of helmets with your home, you can protect your life and the life of your child.

5. Keep Your Head Warm and Dry



If you are bike riding at a time of year when the climate is wet or chilly, a bicycle helmet can ease to keep your head nice and dry. In turn, this can present to trapping escaping the heat from your body, aiding in keeping you warm and comfortable while riding.


6. Improve Your Visibility for Others on the Road



Not only will a helmet help to increase your visibility, but wearing a helmet can also contribute to making you more visible to other drivers. When choosing a helmet, go for a brightly coloured one. Or, add a reflective strip to your helmet to help drivers to see you when it is dark out.


7. Protect Your Face




Not only does a helmet shield your brain and your head, but it can also defend your face, too. While it is rare for facial injuries to be fatal, they can be remarkably painful, disfiguring, and cost thousands of rupees worth of medical interference to correct.

8. Avoid High Medical Bills



If you are in a bike accident and you are not wearing a helmet, your risk of having huge medical bills is much higher. These medical bills might not only be quick—i.e. emergency room costs, costs of emergency surgeries, etc.—but also long-lasting. If you sustain a brain injury, you may be unable to function on your own for the rest of your life or may require intense and long-term therapy, which can be costly.


9. Be Stylish



Wearing a helmet does not have to be an unattractive or dull thing to do; you can explicate off your personal style by picking a helmet that fits your personality, or adding stickers, decals, etc. to it. To encourage your children to wear their helmets, let them choose their colour, design, etc. as well.


10. Reduce Your Risk of Being Found Partially At-fault in a Claim for Damages




Even if you believe that a bike accident was the offence of the other driver, if you were not wearing a helmet at the time of your crash, the other party may try to pin prejudiced fault of the accident, and your associated injuries, on you. You can moderate this risk before it occurs by always wearing your motorcycle helmets.