Why Do So Many People Feel the Urge to discuss Safety Issues in Conjunction with Motorcycle Riding

In the following article we will be discussing the topic: Why do so many people feel the urge to discuss safety issues in conjunction with motorcycle riding. We don’t believe that safety is really the issue, even though it what’s being discussed. We believe it comes down to self-righteous disapproval. That and the image of motorcyclists as portrayed in cheap dime novels and b-movies.

For example, a woman a few years ago dismissed everything she didn’t approve of by pointing out, “It isn’t necessary.” That is, until one day someone pointed out to her that the luxury automobile she owned wasn’t “necessary”; nor was the house she owned, the very fact that she married, or had kids. Shortly after that she apparently decided that person wasn’t necessary, as that person never really conversed with her again.

It seems every person you encounter has a burning need to inform us of the person they know who died on a motorcycle. You know! Their cousin’s, husbands, neighbors, bosses, daughters, dog groomer’s brother. A personal loss that affected them deeply.
If their automobile comes up in conversation, we always make it a point to tell them of the many people we knew personally who died in car accidents. This is most often met with the response, “That’s different!”

It is? You mean to say that, dying is dying, but dying isn’t dying

Some governmental statistics show that there’s a bigger likelihood of being killed in an automobile accident than a motorbike accident. These figures are continuously dismissed out of hand. Wherever is that the concern for safety there?
There are decades of statistics that show most motorbike fatalities occur as a result of being struck by an automobile. We propose that this should be examined further. Yet, it’s always considered irrelevant by the self-appointed moralists!

Don’t even try and bring up issues of safety to pool owner, or the smoker, or the fat slob who sits on his couch doing no additional exercise than to achieve for another pork chop. How can you dare to criticize their lifestyle! Nope, none of this actually matters. Only the prejudices of the speaker matter right! Which, in a way, is truly quite hilarious! In any case, if you were to say a racial, religious, gender, or sexual stereotype, you’d damn well better be prepared for a few backlashes.

Yet, mention the term “biker” and most of the people conjure up the same mental image. Funny thing is, it’s not one of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Pat Boon, Malcolm Forbs, Ann Richards former governor of Texas, Charles Lindbergh, George Clooney, King Albert II of Belgium, Larry Hagman, Lauren Hutton, Queen Latifa, King Hussein of Jordan, Dwight D. Eisenhower, King Juan Carlos I of Spain; in spite of the fact that they are all “bikers”.