Why Are Motorcycles So Popular In India

In the following we’ll be going to be discussing a very important topic that’s “Why are motorcycles so popular in India?” and will discuss it thoroughly within the article. There is actually a special sort of love for motorbikes in India. The colorful and magical land of India has had a fancy for motorbikes that goes a long way back. We have always been infatuated with the beauty of these engineering marvels, especially the two-wheelers.

 It all started in the late Nineteen Forties for us, when the Royal Enfield, then a British automobile manufacturer, started selling its motorbikes in India. We were hooked to the thought of motorcycling since then, fast forward to many decades later and even in the current times, we simply love our motorcycles. Unlike the developed world, though, motorcycles or motorbikes have been more about affordable transportation than leisure for us.

This factor of affordability is what leads India to become the largest motorbikes market in the world, with an estimated 37 million motorcycles at present. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise to see that motorcycles have become very well a part of our culture. It never really mattered to us whether our motorcycles were big or small, had a really powerful engine or not, our penchant for motorcycles was simply undying. We have had a lot of 100 cc motorbikes that have been adored by us, such as the Hero Honda CD100, the Ind-Suzuki AX100, and the Yamaha RX100 from the mid-1980s.

That said we have come a long way since then. In fact, in the last two decades or so we’ve come to a point where the top and leading motorbike brands of the world mostly turn to India for their inspiration and drive to manufacture new and improved versions of their bike products. There is a truly befitting reason for it as well: there’s no bigger motorcycle scene in the world today than in India!For this motorbike helmet manufacturers are doing a great work. 

In short, the main reasons why motorcycles are so popular in India are:

  • Affordability
  • Marketing
  • Climate
  • Population

Here’s why:

Most people in India are not very rich. Motorcycles are more affordable than cars. So, people prefer motorcycles to go to work. Then the right kind of marketing of the motorbikes convinced more individuals to accept the idea of having an affordable bike.

Other Factors are Climate and Population.

There’s a reason for that.

In a relatively warm climate, it’s more comfortable to ride a motorcycle than a car. And it’s more comfortable to ride a motorcycle than in a colder climate.

For Example:

In Chandigarh temperature almost doesn’t drop below 0 C. And that’s where motorbikes are most common in India — 719 motorbikes per one thousand individuals.


India has a population of 1,326,000,000. Imagine what it’d be like if most people had cars? It would be impossible to drive to work. You’d spend all day in a traffic jam.


I suppose people in India like motorbikes because it’s easier to get through traffic jams.

Bottom line

Motorcycles gained popularity in India in 1940’s once Royal Enfield started selling its bikes there. India gathers together a unique combination or mixture of factors: 2nd largest population in the world, warm climate, motorcycles or motorbikes affordability as well as right kind of marketing. This actually led to motorbikes becoming part of culture in India. Now there are a lot of motorcycles than cars in India. Nowadays reasons for motorcycles popularity in India are shifting from affordability to leisure. And motorbike brands are answering this trend.