Why Are Helmets Compulsory For Motorcycle Riders

The topic of why are helmets compulsory for motorcycle riders will be discussed in the following article. Traffic accidents or crashes are the most concerning problem we are facing today. The figure for the accident is increasing day by day and most people get injured or even died due to such accidents. Hence wearing helmet provides us some benefits or advantages for some reasons and thus helmets are compulsory for motorcycle riders.

First of all, wearing a helmet helps to reduce or decrease traffic accidents or collisions/crashes. People wear a helmet they will pay enough attention while they are driving their motors. In addition, it helps us in protecting our eyes from the dust or terrible lights from other vehicles because we don’t need to use our fingers or hand to clean it while we are controlling our vehicles. Hence if we wear a helmet we can simply avoid such problems.

Next, wearing helmet helps you to oblige or compel your duty as a real citizen. Wearing a helmet is the law; someone who broke it would have to pay a fine accordingly. People who wear a helmet will become a responsible person because they obey the traffic lights and traffic law. It is the waste of money and time if police find you. Hence, being a person you must have a sense of responsibility.

Finally, wearing a helmet helps you to protect your head, brain and life. While you are controlling your vehicle on the roads you would face a lot of problems especially accidents or collision but by wearing a helmet you can protect your head from danger. Head is the most important part of one’s body. If our heads have a problem we won’t be able to do anything, or sometimes it can cause you to be crazy or abnormal or ever dead.

All in all, wearing helmet is very useful or convenient for us especially since our lives are protected. We can’t buy our lives but we can surely protect or prevent it by wearing a helmet, as the saying goes “Prevention is better than cure”.A bike helmet is without any doubt the most important or significant piece of riding gear a rider should have. Because serious head injuries are common among fatally injured motorcyclists, helmet use is crucial or important.

According to research, motorcycles are more likely to be in a crash or accident than cars. When a motorcycle crashes or collides, the rider lacks the protection of an enclosed vehicle, so he/she is more likely to be injured seriously or even killed. In a study performed in 2017, motorcycle deaths accounted for 14 July of all motorized vehicle crash/collision deaths and were more than double the number of motorcyclist deaths in the past years. In fact, head injury is the main cause of death in motorcycle crashes/accidents. Statistics show that helmets are effective or beneficial in preventing motorcycle deaths by nearly 37% and about 67 % functional in preventing brain injuries.

The bottom line is that one should ride safely and wear the proper riding gear for protection and safety. Headgear not only protects or safeguards the rider from head injuries, but also provides or gives an insulating cover from flying debris, sunlight glare, wind, or rain.For this motorbike helmet manufacturers are doing a great work.