What Kind Of Helmet Is More Comfortable, Good Looking And Prefer For Long Rides

In the following we will be discussing an important topic that is “What kind of helmet is more comfortable, good looking and prefer for long rides” and will discuss it in detail within the article. The best motorcycle helmet for long rides is one that fits you the best, feels lightweight on your head, and offers great protection from impacts as well as the elements. When it comes to long motorcycle rides a helmet that doesn’t fit properly can cause headaches, rashes, pressure points, or flop and slip down over your eyes as you ride. Most riders prefer a good fitting full-face helmet for long rides as these helmets provide the most comfort and best overall protection.

A full face helmet is the best choice for long motorcycle rides because your face and eyes will be protected from the rain, wind, sticks, rocks and other debris. A full-face motorcycle helmet is also great for situations when you get into cold weather conditions, and with multiple vents, they can be good for warm weather riding as well. One of the best benefits of using a full face helmet for long rides is that your ears are protected from the rushing wind making for a much quieter ride and it will be less likely that your ears will be ringing from the sound of your motorcycle exhaust when you get to your destination.

An open-face helmet has chick look means it is good looking, however; –

  1. It lacks the basic functionality of helmet – protection. You have a jaw which is the only movable bone in the head; plus you have 32 teeth and additionally lot of facial skin. You will be putting all these in jeopardy with possibly irreversible damage in case of accidental falls.
  2. Forget about the lower half of the face. We believe, there are very few open face helmets that would provide guaranteed protection to your head.
  3. However, we doubt the capability of the open-faced ‘capped’ helmets; which covers the head as if you are wearing a cap.
  4. Most of the helmets that are open face lack glass shield; so if you are okay with the idea of having 50 grams. (Or maybe more) of spicy insect intake from your mouth, eyes,  nose as well as ears; then open face should be fine.
  5. There is a simple solution to this dilemma. You can keep it open in the areas of heavy traffic when the commuting speed is slow and close it when traveling fast. You can drink water and eat anything without removing the helmet. The jaw-up position of the helmet also gives you decent protection to the eyes against horizontal sun rays during the mornings and evenings.
  6. Either way; if you can afford one; buy this world’s smartest helmet called Skully-AR1. But mind you, this is a closed face helmet.For this motorbike helmet manufacturers are doing a great work.