What Are The Most Often Cited Reasons Against Laws Requiring Motorbike Riders To Wear Helmets

In the following article, we will be discussing a topic that is “What are the most often cited reasons against laws requiring motorbike riders to wear helmets?” let us discuss: The concept of “personal choice” or “personal liberty” is the typical catch phrase articulated by those against motorcycle helmet laws.


The riders will document proof that they will never have a motorbike accident. Riders who prefer to ride without helmets are denied any head or cranial related medical aid until and unless they have a full insurance coverage. No insurance? Then they are allowed to live (or not) with the results of an accident. In no way should the government (state or federal) have to expend any medical expense other than previously purchased insurance.

Riders who prefer to ride without helmets sign a form equivalent to a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) which makes sure that whatever family member that otherwise may be required to care for a potential invalid motorcyclist (medical, financial, or otherwise) is shielded or protected from that eventuality. Their families and loved ones sign a release stating that they acknowledge that the aforementioned motorcyclist has chosen not to wear a helmet despite the obvious and documented potential fatal and more importantly, the long term survival medical risks.For this motorbike helmet manufacturers are doing a great work.

Yeah, we know, not only are these unrealistic, but the medical profession is bound by their Hippocratic Oath to provide medical care for injured motorcyclists.But they do highlight the fact that “personal choice” or “personal liberty” really isn’t personal when it affects others.