What are Pros and Cons of Riding Motorcycle

The following article will discuss an important topic that is “What are the pros and cons of riding motorcycle” and we will talk about it in more details within the article. Anyone who rides one can tell you that there are several benefits and disadvantages to riding a motorbike. Different people will have different opinions as to what is actually an advantage or a disadvantage, but there are certain things that everyone who rides can agree on.


The Weather


Depending on what the weather is like it can either become a benefit or a drawback. Obviously getting caught out in the rain isn’t often fun as not only can you get really wet, but it makes it harder to ride the bike and can cause problems if you’re not concentrating or careful enough. Snow and ice in winter can make it impossible to ride, whilst the grit and road salt that is put down to combat the ice can damage the finish of wheels and brightwork of anyone venturous enough to brave the conditions. This is more than made up though for the sunny days of summer. The heat helps stick the tires to the road and the warm breeze is much more pleasant than the air conditioning inside a car.

Maintenance and Customization is Easy

With everything being open on a motorcycle, getting to a particular part that needs replacing is simple. If it involves removing anything it might only be a plastic panel which is an easy job that anyone can do. Washing and maintaining all the components is easy and takes hardly any work. You’ll be able to clearly see any damage and should you require help from a garage for something a bit trickier it’s typically much cheaper than an automobile or car. It’s easier to add a personal touch on a motorbike compared to a car. Customization is simple, and either large or small modifications can be made easily. Whether it is a whole new exhaust system, or fitting one of the many personalized number plates to the bike, any modification is easy.

Bikes look cool

Most people will agree that bikes look quite good. It’s normally the primary thing that draws people to riding, and different individuals will have their own opinions on why a motorbike looks cool. Often people will be interested in the colorful designs, the speed, and therefore the sound of the exhaust note or maybe something like a funny customized number plate the owner has fitted. Regardless of what it is, people look when a motorbike goes past.

Practicality of Motorcycles

On the term of practicality, motorbikes are equally as practical as much as they are impractical. For commuting, they can fit through gaps in the traffic and are much cheaper to run than a car. It’s much easier to find a parking space/zone for a motorcycle compared to looking for parking space for a car seeing as they take up much less space, and bikes can typically be parked in places cars could never go.

That being said, some people would never want to show up to work soaking wet when the weather is bad. While a rider with sensible observation and some expertise could avoid potential accidents, when there’s one it will end up much worse for the rider over the driver. In an accident, bikes don’t have the constant or same level of protection as in case of a car, however, accidents are easier to avoid due to the slimmer profile.

Some of the pros and cons stated by the general public are as follows:


  • Bikes are about the best fun you can have with your clothes on. The feeling of an open road, flowing through the corners, the acceleration, the freedom, the exposure. It’s quite wonderful.
  • You meet the best people on bikes.
  • It’s one of the best forms of meditation, a ride clears your mind and soul.
  • It makes you better all-round on the road. You become more observant, more considerate. As you have to be when on a bike. You have to note the road surface or that car pulling out who seems hesitant or super aggressive and what that means for you.
  • Sports bikes, motocross, cafe racers, retros, etc. so many flavors to relish.
  • Costs like fuel, insurance, etc. are quite low. And commuting takes a fraction of the time, thus you have more time for other things if you ride to work.




  • You’re going to fall off some time and it’s going to hurt. Accept it, or don’t get on. Ride sensibly and hopefully, they’ll be few and far between and not too bad. Ride like a loon all the time and you’re not long of this earth.
  • People may think you’re a weirdo, gang member, pervert, etc. This may be true, or not. But try to conduct in a way that shows you in a good light. As bikers are the true knights of the road.
  • A kit can be expensive. Good kit is always expensive and needed. But overall, it’s not really too bad.
  • Two seats not practical all the time. Somewhat limited luggage capacity.
  • Cold and wet can be less than fun if not kitted outright.