What Are Helmets Made Of? 


In the following article, we will be discussing what the helmets are made of or what type of material is used to make a helmet: You trust your motorcycle helmet to protect your head every time you venture out on a ride. Here is a list of some of the most common or general materials used to construct helmets and just how they help keep you safe:-


1. Polycarbonate



This is a material that is lightweight and is incredibly durable, which makes it the perfect and best choice for creating the outermost layer. This layer’s purpose is to reduce or decrease the impact on your head in case of an accident or collision. Other popular materials used for making this shell include composite fibre or fibreglass, polycarbonate, Kevlar or carbon fibre.


2. Styrofoam and Koroyd



Styrofoam is one of the most popular and renowned materials used for the inner lining in a helmet, also called as EPS short for Expanded Polystyrene. It is also commonly referred to as thermocol and has always been reliable considering its impact-absorbing qualities or traits. However, even if Styrofoam is cheap and does the job well, it has certain drawbacks. Such as many riders complain of experiencing concussions when their head hits something.

A new element is being tested to replace Styrofoam as it is believed or considered to be 30% safer because it can absorb more impact, this new element is called Koroyd. It is made by welding tiny tubes together so that when the helmet hits something, these tubes absorb the impact as they break, thus keeping your head safe from injury.


3. Foam



Foam is used as comfort padding and is an important and significant component because it is in constant contact with the skin. For this reason, it should be made from a material that does not irritate and should be comfortable for the wearer. Foam is capable of absorbing moisture and it also ensures you get a perfect fit.


4. Acrylic and Polycarbonates



These are the materials that are used to construct a helmet’s visor, which keeps wind, smoke, dust, rain and other harmful objects from getting into your eyes and affecting your vision. A clean visor is a must-have for helmet wearers. Do not forget to replace your visor from time-to-time. Failing to do so could leave you with a visor which is full of scratches that can certainly make riding tricky.


5. Nylon or Polypropylene




Although most people choose to ignore it, the chin strap is quite an important and essential component of the helmet. It is a retention system that prevents the helmet from flying off your head in case of a crash or accident. This strap is made from either polypropylene or nylon, and despite looking quite similar, they vary in the surface, weave etc.

It is certain that helmets brands make bike rides safe. So one should never leave their head unprotected while riding a motorcycle. This minimal piece of gear or equipment can not only protect you from injuries but can also save your life.