Tips to Keep your Motorcycle Running Smoothly


In this article, you will learn about tips to keep your motorcycle running smoothly. In regular life, we doing several things to keep healthy. This concept will similar apply to your equipment. It is because if you don’t bother about its maintenance and ignore it, it will become sluggish, slow and will decrease the life of two-wheeler equipment. Following these simple steps to make sure that your motorcycle runs smoothly.


1. Keep it Clean



A dirty motorcycle is just downright disrespectful. It not only collects and builds in all the crannies and nooks and leads to a lot of gunk in all the wrong places. So make sure that wash your motorcycle with pressure at least two times in a month and give it a good wipe down for every few days.


2. Tyre Pressure


Keeping the tires at the right pressure is much critical if you want to achieve a good fuel economy figure. The only time you should reduce air pressure in the tires as if you riding the motorcycle on the dusty roads or you have skinny tyres and the roads are very slippery. This will give you more grip and get a wider contact patch. It will always recommend putting one or two PSI more than the manufacturer recommended number. It will help you ride for longer and give better mileage. Regarding this virgo, motorcycle helmet manufacturers will be providing the best quality of helmets. 



3. Stopping



Most people going fast on the motorcycle but if you can’t stop in time you should avoid an obstacle or collision. What people choose to ignore or don’t know is that with a time that gets dirty and brake pads on a motorcycle wear out. They need to be replaced or cleaned depending on how much life is left in them. Every month when you open the brake fluid canister and then top up the brake fluid.


4. Chain it Right



A lot of people on the road ride motorcycles with the drive chain almost about to fall or either loose. It not only loose drive chain reduces mileage but also lead to the chain coming off. Keeping the drive chain too tight is also not advised as there have been cases where the chain has snapped due to excessive tension.