Things to be Considered While Choosing the Right Helmet


In this article, you will learn about things to be considered while choosing the right helmet. For the one who loves to ride their bikes as a regular commuter, using a helmet is as important as any other accessory or part of a motorcycle helmet. One can clearly ride without it but cannot be safe without it.

The right helmet will save you from most of the severe conditions in an effective manner and the wrong one will make you feel uncomfortable on even a 10-minute ride. It is suggested that one should buy the helmet with most cares and should concentrate on some important factors. Here are some important factors that can aid you in picking up the right helmet for yourself.


1) Know your Head Size and Shape:



Every individual has a distinct personality and body structure and it is imperative that one must be aware of the same. Majorly there are three kinds, namely round oval, intermediate oval and long oval. Each individual can decide the same by observing the head structure by its own or can ask a friend for the same.

If the helmet you are wearing is putting pressure on wrong points on your head, then surely this is not the helmet which you should be wearing while riding. Hence, forever wear and conclude where the helmet is putting pressure on your head. A right-sized helmet will fit precisely like a crown, avoid large movements and will pull the skin of your face and scalp while removing.

2) Retention:



Helmets, which stay on your head in the worst situations are considered the ones that will protect you, the rest are just weights on your head. To check the same, close the strap of your helmet, try to pull it off from the rear and see whether it rolls out of your head.

If the helmet is rolling out, then settle the strap and also after adjusting also if it is not staying where it is meant to be, then definitely it is not the helmet for your ride. Retention is a basic dilemma of half faced and some of the modular helmets and one must forever check the same before purchasing a helmet.

3) Visor :


A visor is another significant aspect of a helmet that must be considered while buying the desired helmet. The visor should be transparent, as it plays a vital role in giving you a clear vision. Smoked and mercury tinted visors undoubtedly attract the attention of the customers, but they put a barrier in providing a clear vision and must be avoided.

4) Proper Cushioning:





Helmets are expected to protect your skull from damage in case of any crash or fatal conditions and the internal cushioning of the helmet plays an indispensable role in the same. One must guarantee that the helmet has proper cushioning that can absorb the force in a meaningful manner and the inner surface is not flat otherwise it will not be able to produce you with the kind of protection the helmets are meant to be.

5) ISI Mark :



There are several helmets available in the market and each maker claims that their helmets will render optimal protection to the riders, but an ISI (Indian Standards Institute) mark will assure the same. An ISI logo on the helmet confirms that the helmet complies with particular quality standards defined by the institution.

Nevertheless, an ISI mark helmet is little expensive than the ordinary ones but, it is recommended that one must go for ISI mark helmets in order to have decent protection while riding.