Prevention is Better than the Cure

In this article, you will learn about Prevention is better than the Cure.



What is a Helmet?




Basically, it is a padded or protective hat worn by soldiers, motorcyclists, police officers etc. It is worn to protect the head from injuries in case of an accident. There are different types of Helmet developed over time. It plays a very important role while we ride a motorcycle or two-wheelers. It protects the head from serious injuries badly as we know that head injuries are very serious.

There is an end number of Reasons to Wear Helmets while we Ride Two Wheelers on Road.Some of them are Explained Below:


1. It helps to Reduce Road Accidents.

2. It also helps to Protect your Life.

3. Helmets also help to protect our head from Serious Skull Injuries.

4. It also Protects our Eyes from Dust and Storm.

Various laws had been passed by the government over these issues but still, the citizens do not understand these small things and don’t abide by the rules lead down by the Constitution of India. People are so careless that they don’t even understand that these laws are lead down to protect them from the mishappening that may occur on roads. Nowadays, especially the Youngers are in the habit of breaking the traffic rules and they think by paying the fine they are doing a great thing, but do u actually think this is a good habit. For this Virgo, Motorbike helmet manufacturers have to provide the best kind of motorcycle helmets.


No, I don’t think so this is a good habit because at the end of the day we are the one who will have to go through this mishappening, it is very important for us to abide by the rules and regulations lead down by the management for a better future for our country. Helmets are specially made for the Individuals only so that they can Protect there Head from Serious Injuries.

Well, this was the end of the article of Prevention is Better Different Helmets is designed for different activities as the main motive is to protect the individuals from Head Injuries.