How to Find your correct Motorcycle Helmet Size



In this article, you will learn about How to find your correct motorcycle helmet size. The type of helmet you choose depends on what you need it -for a bicycle helmet for climbing, or a batting helmet on your motorcycle. Try the helmet on before purchasing to make sure it fits correctly.



1. Measure







The first thing you want is a tape measure to measure your head. You can always use a piece of string and then offer it up versus a builder’s tape measure. Put tape measure around the largest part of the head, slightly above the eyebrows and ears. Then you can examine the measurement against the manufacturers sizing chart.

2. Try the Helmet on






It’s crucial to note the different brands have different sizing so just because you’re a medium in one brand, you could be large in another. Try various sizes and brands, everybody’s head is a distinctive shape so give plenty of helmets ago, you never know which might fit you. Also, make sure you know how to couple the helmet; few have clips, others have D-rings.

3. Check for a Proper Fit







Make certain it’s nice and firm but you don’t want it too tight. Relief is all-important. There could be moments where you’re riding for several hours so you need it to be as relaxed as possible. Make sure it’s not damaging anywhere. Start with feeling how close the helmet is round your cheeks; make assured there are no gaps. Then move up to your temples and forehead, you don’t want to be able to get your fingers in there. And eventually, check the back of the crash helmet; if it’s snug then it’s the best size for you.

4. Roll the Helmet Forwards and Backwards









The final check is to get hold of the front and back of the helmet and tilt it forwards and backwards. You desire it to move a little bit and unmistakably not to come off or lift while you’re riding. If you can reliably say that it’s the most convenient thing you’ve ever worn then you’ve found the helmet for you. But remember that sizing varies with each manufacturer so don’t be scared to try as many as you want until you’ve got the classic helmet shape and size for your head.