How Many Helmet Sizes Does Military Use?


In this article, you will learn about the advantages of using bulletproof helmets in the military. A soldier’s life is always at great risk while he is on duty protecting the nation from the great enemy. They have to always be on high alert because they never knew when they will have an encounter with the enemy bullets. In such a hostile situation, a soldier needs to be well equipped with all kind of safety kit and ammunition to respond to the situation and to protect himself. These include guns, helmets, bulletproof jackets, etc. You might have seen the Indian soldiers wearing a strange- looking headgear and wondered why they wear and what it actually does.


1. Patka Bulletproof Helmets




Patka Bulletproof helmets are manufacturing in India. They have a ballistic strip manufactured from die-dentistry phantom steel and high density. Breathable cushioning material is used in the inner lining of the patka helmets basically used for additional comfort. These helmets have many incidents where the wearer survived after being hit by 7.62 rounds on the helmet. It was specially designed for the Sikh soldiers who wear a turban as it was very uncomfortable for them to wear the Indian Army Standard Model 1974 helmets. Presently almost all the Indian soldiers that are deployed in Kashmir Valley use it. They are used in extremely cold conditions because they provide the much-needed warmth to the soldier. Owing to its unique design, Sikh soldiers can wear it very easily with their turbans. Regarding this virgo, motorcycle helmet manufacturers will be providing the best quality of helmets. 


2. PASGT Helmet :




These Personal Armour system for ground troops helmets are made in the USA and are made up kevlar. These are meant to low velocity rounds and stop sharpness. Indian soldiers had used these helmets for a long time. Now at this time, these are being replaced by domestic produced MKU helmets.



3. MKU Advanced Combat Helmet:



MKU is basically an Indian Private sector company based in Kanpur who manufacturing best kinds of military helmets. It deals in surveillance equipment and personal armor system. It also won the tender for supplying new helmets for Indian Troops. The helmets which it is supplying are ACH light helmets. They provide great protection against blank range and sharpeners. These can be integrated with Visual accessories and modern communication.