How Helmet Works


In this article, you will learn about how the helmet works. For a motorcycle helmet to work efficiently, the holding system or chin strap should be securely fastened underneath your chin. This retention system keeps the helmet in place during a crash. Motorcycle helmet has a hard outer shell made from some tough fibre-reinforced composite material. This outside shell makes the first contact in a crash. The outer shell contracts when it hits anything hard which scatters the energy from the impact and reduces the force before it reaches your head.


Now, inside the helmet, we have an impact absorbing liner. This liner grasps the shock as the helmet stops abruptly but your head yet wants to keep on moving in a crash. This sudden stop is what effects most brain injuries. Imagine crashing at 60 kmph and landing on road, your head would still wish to keep on moving at that speed, which is why we have this shielding padding to cushion and absorb the crash of your head still wanting to move at the same speed. The protective liner is ordinarily made of layers of Styrofoam.

Both the shell and the impact absorbing liner compress when hit solid and spread the energy throughout the helmet and the more they spread the impact force, the less it strikes your head and brain. There is also a support padding which is nothing but a layer of foam and cloth which sits next to your head and grips the helmet snugly fit and you comfortable.


A helmet should be renewed every few years because even though it may not be involved in any wreck, it’s protective qualities keep on worsening.Find a helmet that outfits you. That’s really the most valuable part. That will hold it on your head while you fly through the air or over the handlebars. Work on the bands to get the fit just right. You will apparently need somebody to help you do that.


You don’t have to pay much for a good helmet. But be convinced it fits you, you like it and you will wear it. Your helmet lasts only one bad crash. That tears the foam and you have to replace it.

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