Features To Look Before Buying A Helmet

In the following article, we will be discussing the topic that is “Features to Look before Buying a Helmet”. A helmet is one of the most important and essential things while riding a motorcycle to protect the head from injuries. A helmet aids the skull in protecting the human brain so here we would like to help you understand few Features to Look before Buying a Helmet :
Design of the Helmet

First of all, you need to like the design of the Helmet, we all know a rider looks really great and cool when he is wearing his full riding gear as such the Helmet design is crucial or significant for you to be attracted towards it. Wearing it all the time which ultimately takes care of your safety so the design needs to be more appealing or fascinating to you.

The Outer Shell Of Helmet

The outer shell of the helmet needs to be made of solid lightweight material such as polycarbonate so that it can sustain the impact of your crash or collision, while not wearing you down with its excess weight. You might be able to find Helmets in the lesser price range but in our opinion money or cost shouldn’t be a factor when life is at stake. We end up spending so much on mobiles, junk food, etc. but when it comes to Helmets especially Helmet we kind of hesitate thinking they are way too expensive. So instead of using your money on such trivial things pay that excess amount for your safety and for you to enjoy a healthy and long life with your family.

Inner Foam Material

The third point to look for before buying a Helmet is about the inner lining and the foam used, which should be of good quality. It should be preferably laser cut to offer the superior fit; it should be hypoallergenic and also fully removable such that you can wash them periodically and thus maintain the Helmet well.

D-Ring Strap

4th feature to look for before buying a Helmet is having a D-ring strap. A D-ring strap is mandatory or necessary if you are going to ride on a track. The reason for that is the tight end fit that offers your Helmet this feature such that it doesn’t slip away when you crash. We suggest you to always prefer a D-ring strap Helmet over a buckle one because that seriously serves the purpose.

Tight Fit

The most important or significant feature is actually the tight fit that a Helmet offers, to check whether the Helmet that you are going to purchase fits you well or not. You need to wear the Helmet and try nodding your head and if the Helmet moves that means then it is loose and the likelihood of it coming off in a crash or collision is high. Thus don’t think that a Helmet is uncomfortable when it offers a tight fit it does ease out with time, but at the same time don’t buy yourself a very tight one such that you cannot breathe properly inside. So the Helmet you want to buy should offer a proper snug fit.

Proper Certification

The next point that you need to look for before buying Helmet is proper certification. The Helmet you choose should carry ECE and DOT certification. DOT stands for Department of Transport, the FMVSS certification that you see here stands for Federal Motor Vehicle Safety standard, now getting these certifications means the Helmet that you are going to buy has been tested and that it meets the criteria to be used in the aforementioned regions. These certificates basically show how safe your helmet is.For this motorbike helmet manufacturers are doing a great work.

Visors And Ventilation System Of The Helmet

The last but not the least point is the ventilation system, The Helmet that you want should offer adequate ventilation ports all around for you to ensure you don’t feel suffocated inside and also to breathe easy. The visors of a Helmet should be fog-resistant as well as scratch-resistant since most of us go for early-morning rides’ having a fog-resistant visor really helps.

So this concludes our article on Features to Look before Buying a Helmet.