Does Wearing Motorcycle Helmet Causes Hair fall


In this article, you will learn about does wearing motorcycle helmet causes hair fall.It is a type of Helmet used by the motorcycle riders to protect their head from injuries.

Basically, it is a padded or protective hat worn by soldiers, motorcyclists, police officers etc. It is worn to protect head from injuries in case of an accidents.


Does Wearing Motorcycle Helmet Causes Hair Fall?



Yes, wearing helmet can cause hair fall since it is meant to protect yourself from head injury but helmets can rub along the scalp, which can damage the roots of the air.Proper can prevent risk of hair loss from helmets. People who wear helmet for long period of time can suffer from hair fall.

To Overcome from this Problem of Hair Fall you must follow these Steps:


1.    Keep your helmet the right way. Don’t be in hurry to wear helmet.

2.    Keep your hair hygiene upto the mark. Wash your head after wearing helmet for a long time.

3.    Keep your helmet clean and store it in a hygienic place.

4.    Buy good quality helmet to avoid the problem of hair fall.