Does Wearing A Motorcycle Helmet Cause Hair Loss


In the following article we will be talking about the topic “Does wearing a motorcycle helmet cause hair loss?” and will discuss it in detail within the article: Riding a two-wheeler/motorcycle inevitably requires wearing a helmet for long hours. Prolonged usage of the helmet can even cause premature hair loss. Helmets are made of layers.

What Are Helmets Made Of

A rather intriguing and even debatable topic – do helmets really cause hair fall in men? Going by the results on the internet, one would only presume that it does. The outer layer contains polycarbonate; fiberglass and other composite materials that are meant to disperse the force of the impact and resist any penetrations that could be caused by sharp objects. The layer that comes in contact with the hair and the scalp is usually made up of polystyrene. This material transfers as little force as possible to the head. Where all this is wonderful, there are certain reasons for the hair fall.
Helmets And Hair Loss

Though unpleasant you can’t really ride without a helmet. It definitely has to be worn to protect yourself, over-all. Here is how helmets can cause hair loss.It is believed that wearing a helmet often make the hair roots move close to the scalp causing a condition known as traction alopecia. The roots lose their anchoring to the scalp and tend to fall.For this motorbike helmet manufacturers are doing a great work.

The helmet can get claustrophobic and individuals experience a lot of sweating leading to accumulation of bacteria in the scalp. A dirty and undernourished scalp means it is weak and can lead to hair loss. Some helmets can be made of cheap leather and result in sweat deposits making scalp vulnerable to fungal infections. The way you wear and remove your helmet can cause hair loss too – especially if your movements are rough.