Open Face Helmet India

Helmets are the saviors of the rider’s head in case of an accident or any other unfortunate event. A helmet is a headgear that acts as a crucial part of a biker’s wardrobe. Whenever, there is a talk revolving around the safety of an individual riding a two-wheeler, wearing helmet strikes our mind at first. The primary reason for wearing a helmet is the protection of the rider. There are some other reasons to buy a helmet too as it lessens the chances of facing any injury in some unfortunate situations. Most of the time, people show leniency while purchasing a helmet.

Whenever we purchase a bike, our adrenaline rush wants us to buy all the top-end merchandise which suits our motorbike side by side. However, buying a helmet is considered the least important aspect in such a scenario. Wearing a helmet is mandatory for safety purposes. Too many people, it is quite annoying to wear a helmet, but there are different types of helmets available in the market. Some of them are very fashionable and matches the outfit of a rider while providing proper protection to the rider’s head. Out of all different kinds of the helmet, the open face helmets are most stylish and do not sound annoying for the riders. Let’s discuss the Open face helmet India:


  • Studds Marshall Open Face Helmet


Studds Marshall Open Face Helmet is one of the most well-liked open face helmets in India. The outer shell of the helmet is made from thermoplastic that ensures its safety against any crash or bump. It lessens the impact of an injury that you face in a road crash or an accident. Also, it comes with an optically true injected visor made of polycarbonate. This visor is duly coated with arduous silicon that makes the helmet scratch resistant. So, if the helmet is involved in any mishap, there are a few chances of your helmet receiving scratches.

The internal padding is lined with anti-allergic velveteen which is specially treated. Also, the padding or cushion liner comes with a regulated density EPS concussion. These liners are removable, and you can wash as well as replace them any time according to the need. Also, it features a quick-release chinstrap mechanism in which the operation of the helmet is more comfortable than usual. Furthermore, it enhances the level of safety for the bike rider. Furthermore, the helmet takes care of the comfort of the rider. The presence of a dynamic ventilation system increases airflow providing fresh air as well as comfort to the rider while driving.


  • Royal Enfield Metamorph HEAW17004 Open Face Helmet


Royal Enfield Open Face Helmet is a versatile helmet coming in several sizes so that there are no size issues when it comes to the comfort of an individual. Just as the name suggests, the helmet uses a morphing marble pattern which is very distinctive. This pattern is formed as a result of the fusion of white and black ABS together during the molding of the outer shell. The undergoing process leads to the formation of a unique pattern every time, and no two helmets ever possess the same pattern. Also, this helmet of Royal Enfield is an ISI certified product which means you do not need to worry about the quality of the helmet. In addition, it exceeds the safety standards regulated by ISI and DOT.

The outer shell of the helmet is constructed from high-grade ABS which ensures the safety of the rider’s head in case of any unfortunate event or mishap. ABS used in the production of the helmet absorbs the impact of an injury and let the effect spread evenly over a large surface area. The outer shell comes in an ergonomic shape with an aerodynamic style. Moreover, to enhance the durability of the outer shell, it is coated with hard lacquer.


  • Vega Cruiser CR-W/P-MB-M Open Face Helmet


Vega cruiser open face helmet is a nice product coming from Vega. It is an especially light-weight helmet that is easy to carry and fit for a long ride. If you’re going on a drive that is a long one, then surely you need a lightweight helmet like Vega Cruiser. There is absolutely no need to worry about the helmet’s quality as it is an ISI approved helmet. Also, the helmet is scratch and cracks resistant that makes it quite sturdy for more extended usage. Moreover, being an open face, the rider gets a clear view of the road ahead with full protection to its head. In case of any mishap such as a crash or accident, the helmet absorbs most of the impact to protect the biker.

The in-built anti UV (Ultraviolet) radiation visor protects the eyes from harmful sun rays as well as takes care of the comfort level of the biker. Also, the strap mechanism of the helmet ensures stability. Suppose, you met with an accident, this chin strap can ensure that the helmet stays securely in its place throughout that time. Moreover, this model of Vega comes with a textured finish which makes it look more stylish and let it go with any of your biking outfits.


  • Studds Downtown Open Face Helmet


Another helmet from Studds makes it to the list of open face helmets in India. Like other Studds helmets, it’s also an ISI approved helmet. It comes in various sizes to meet the requirements of almost everyone. The helmet comes with a strong outer shell that is injected from a special high impact grade of engineering thermoplastic. It ensures additional security to your head if you meet an accident or a crash. The helmet will absorb most of the impact of the collision and keep you safe from any injury. It protects the head while making the rider feel comfy.

The helmet features a dual visor system. The first visor is made of truly injected polycarbonate material. It makes the helmet scratch-resistant and additional sturdy. The visor is coated with arduous silicon and offers additional protection against scratches. Secondly, there is a sun visor which is duly silicon hard coated and produced from tinted Polycarbonate. Also, the inner padding comes with regulated density EPS concussion that is lined with specially treated anti-allergic velveteen.


  • A Matt Battle Green Steelbird SB-27 With Plain Visor


The key reason why we place Steelbird SB-27 on this list is its outer shell. The outer shell is made of solid material. It composite high impact ABS shells that ensure total protection to the head during the times of any crash or a bump. Your head is totally secured if you’re wearing this helmet while riding your bike. It focuses on ensuring proper safety to the rider in any type of situation. The helmet comes with a high-density EPS (thermocol) for safety purposes. As the vital reason for wearing a helmet while driving is your safety, this helmet delivers protection to your head. Moreover, it’s an ISI approved helmet that ensures its quality and durability. The helmet usually lasts longer and absorbs the maximum amount of damage in unfortunate incidents.

Furthermore, its anti-odor feature is of great use and very beneficial. It allows room for the fresh air to pass through and make the rider feel comfortable without inhaling odor smell. The anti-odor system does its job entirely when it comes to keeping the foul smell away from the biker. Also, there were reported size problems for this helmet at first. But the company has stated that the foam requires almost ten days adjusting to the rider’s head shape. Well, it is quite reasonable and crucial for ensuring safety. If you wish proper safety, then the helmet might feel tight initially.