Helmet Price In India


Helmet Price In India

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Being safe is important and more so when you are riding a two-wheeler. For most two-wheeler riders, speed is a thrill but you need to remember that speed can kill too. Buying a good helmet is a prerequisite when it comes to riding a bike or a scooter. Riding a bike is like an adventure for many and there are a few who ride bikes for daily commute only.

A bike or a scooter is an affordable asset and the main reason why people invest in them is to avoid the rigorous wait and travel in public transport. Regardless of what your purpose is to ride, make sure to invest in a good quality helmet. You may be a safe rider and you’re always within the speed limit, but you cannot expect everyone on the roads to do the same. Also, it is necessary to wear a helmet in most Indian cities while riding a bike. According to law, even the pillion needs to wear one.

Since it can be a matter of life and death, it is important that you buy the right kind of helmet. Research thoroughly before investing in one and don’t shy away from spending a little more money on the same. The same holds true for cycle helmets. Here’s a guide to assist you to select the correct helmet online:

Motorcycle Helmets: How To Choose The Right One

There are different types of helmets and each comes with unique features. You can choose one depending on your specific requirements and preferences. A full-face helmet covers and protects your entire face. These helmets are suitable for people who go for long rides and who usually forget to keep a tab on the arrow of their bike’s speedometer. Modular or flip-up helmets are hybrids between full-face and open helmets (explained below) and are quite common choices. It comes with a chin bar for absorbing face impacts.

The half-shell helmets are motorcycle helmets meant to protect just your head and cover the head starting from the forehead to the back of your head. This is a vintage style and you’ll usually see Harley Davidson owners wearing these. A dual sports helmet offers superb ventilation and comes with a sun peak. These helmets provide a little soundproofing too while riding on the road. Features include a truncated chin bar and a built-in visor. The open-face helmet, clearly as the name suggests, it structurally resembles full-face helmets. They just don’t have a screen on the front. An open-face helmet is usually padded and very comfortable to wear.

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